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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a minimum charge, even for just an estimate?
  2. Can you work on my vehicle while I'm at work?
  3. Will you work on just one car or does the car need to be part of a fleet?
  4. Are you able to do a complete diagnostic check on my vehicle?
  5. Can you work on my import?
  6. Do you accept checks?
  7. Do you accept Visa and Mastercard?
  8. Do you accept Discover or American Express?
  9. Do you provide emergency roadside assistance?
    What is the additional charge?
  10. Is towing available?
  11. Can I provide my own parts and/or oil?
  12. Do I have to make an appointment?
  13. Can I get service on Saturdays?
  14. Can you service all the vehicles at my place of employment?
  15. Are you registered with the State of Florida?

  1. Yes, there is a $32.50 minimum trip charge. Back to FAQs.
  2. Yes. Back to FAQs.
  3. We will work on single cars or fleets. Our fleet maintenance program works on regular scheduled appointments. As a single car owner, you may select to be on our regular scheduled maintenance or call for appointments when you need them with a 24-48 hour advance appointment. Back to FAQs.
  4. Yes. Back to FAQs.
  5. Yes. Back to FAQs.
  6. Yes, with a state-issued picture ID. Back to FAQs.
  7. Yes. Back to FAQs.
  8. No. Back to FAQs.
  9. Yes, with a $75 service charge in addition to repairs. Back to FAQs.
  10. Yes, for an additional charge. Back to FAQs.
  11. We are unable to use your parts and/or oil because we are unable to guarantee labor unless we provide the parts or oil. We are quality driven to provide the best quality parts at prices that reflect our volume buying power. Back to FAQs.
  12. Yes, please allow 24-48 hours advance notice. Back to FAQs.
  13. Yes, by appointment only. Back to FAQs.
  14. Yes, call us to set up your very own "Corporate Day." Back to FAQs.
  15. Yes, Department of Agriculture MV#61732 and a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. Back to FAQs.





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